Tenerife Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Tenerife has become more and more popular over the years, with many climbers realising that the climate in Tenerife offers perfect climbing conditions, all year round. So when England is drenched in rain the rocks in Tenerife are illuminated by sunshine.

There have been massive efforts to improve the climbing routes across Tenerife and many of the old bolts have been replaced, to make the routes safer. Now you can access the crags a lot easier.

The island is home to 900 spread over 20 individual crags. Here are some of the best climbing locations in Tenerife:

Canada del Capricho is the most spectacular, based in Teide national park. The route offers you the chance to climb spirals of volcanic rock often more than 300 feet; you will feel like you are high in the blue skies, making for adrenaline pumping views.

The Arico gorge, set in the mountains of Arico, is the largest climbing area on the island.

This route is not for beginners and offers up some of the hardest climbing on the island. The site is a dried up river bed, scattered with pine trees and huge boulders. The gorge was once excavated for mining, leaving behind 30 meter high overhangs.

There are plenty of adventure routes in the mountains of the north, the best are situated around Tanganana and Roque Ambro. For the most experienced climbers, the sea cliffs of Los Gigantes offer a challenge of a lifetime, standing 2000 feet above the sea.

If you are not up to hard core climbing then you could always try bouldering, leave your kit at home and conquer the big rocks on the Spanish island.

There aren’t that many hotels specifically dedicated to climbers, but for most of the climbing hot spots you can stay in one of the many resorts dotted around the area.

If you chose to come climbing in Tenerife then it might be a good idea to book a package holiday in the area. Price start form 273 pounds and as long as you plan well then you should be able to reach most of the climbing areas with ease.

So when planning your climbing holiday make sure you look for package holidays in Tenerife near the area you want to climb. For a good guide on climbing in Tenerife then have a look on RoxTar for a rock climbing guide.

Whenever you go on a climbing holiday make sure that you go with a partner, and let people know which areas you are going to climb. Keep a mobile phone on you and climb safe.

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