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Climbing the Unemployment Ladder

If it were up to me, I’d leave climbing ladders up to firefighters, construction workers and repair personnel. Now, I’m not saying Corporate Ladders are good or bad as I might find myself on one again, hopefully sooner than later, but what I am suggesting is we evaluate them as to their efficacy given what has occurred over the last 5 years. It appears that these ladders have been weakened and/or snapped into many unidentifiable parts due to corruption and abuse.

You see, if rungs of these ladders have been removed or reconfigured, trying to move up could be virtually impossible and on your way down, for whatever reason, one could misstep and fall to the ground. Also, the higher the ladder, the less likely you’re able to see what people are doing below. Yes, that’s what managers and supervisors are for, but then again so many of these companies are over-grown; you’d need way too many supervisors, say every 15-20 rungs, just to keep sight of everything.

Alas, this is one of the negative issues staring down at us. Personally, I think many businesses have lost sight of their goal as a result of growth and development; they have lost track of the ball and have become greedy and complacent.

So, I ask, what practical purpose do Corporate Ladders have in today’s labor structure?

A ladder is simply a means of climbing up or down; if companies refer to “working in teams”, how do teams work on a ladder? How many people fit on one rung? Uh, one, last I tried. Teams work laterally, not vertically. It is here that another breakdown occurs. Do Companies say one thing, yet do another? Is this possibly a major reason of corporate failure today? Talking out of both sides of ones’ mouth is just as risky as trying to fit two people on one rung of a ladder.

Isn’t it easier to see across than up and down? A true team works side-by-side to attain the same goal.

If the industry is a healthy one, that goal becomes easier and more practical to reach. Perhaps Business Executives should take a lesson from the sports teams to which they constantly refer at the coffee machines in their offices; yeah, there’s always just a couple of players that score most of the points, but in the end these high-scoring athletes always thank the team as a whole for the win. As long as Corporate America practices unsportsmanlike conduct, we will not win or achieve our objectives. We’re constantly reminded as children, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Quite possibly if we played a better game and treated one another as the decent human beings we are, we could win more games, enjoy the win knowing we played fairly, and go back to really working together as a team, not up and down like some staircase that just gets stepped on or over.

Corporations really need to be pillars of horizontal growth, support and strength reaching and working together laterally, not like some rung of a ladder that, again, you use to step on just to get from point A to point B.

If you take a look at why ladders are used, it’s usually for emergency purposes; to fight fires or for other rescue or urgent repair efforts. If companies always operate on the principle of a ladder, then they appear to be always fighting some sort of fire or battling some sort of crisis.

Sound familiar? Could it be this is why millions of us are out of work? Is there some kind of corporate disconnect between them and us that is now rearing its ugly head no one has discovered until now?

Sniff, Sniff–hey, I smell a fire! Anyone got a ladder?

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Climbing the Ladder of Success – You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

The best way of climbing the ladder of success is by outgrowing the situation that we are presently holding. A person’s worth leaves clues and these clues don’t go unnoticed. Sooner or later, we gravitate to our level of competence.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not crowded at the top. There is plenty of room available just waiting for someone ready to fill the positions. The problem is not the lack of room; it’s the lack of people ready to fill the shoes that need to be filled.

Until we are ready to accept that belief, our chances of climbing the stairs of corporate or entrepreneurial success are considerably affected. No real progress is possible until a situation has been correctly assessed and established.

The problem is that we tend to follow the Pollyanna principle also called, “Positivity bias.” That principle says that, when doing a self-evaluation, we have a tendency to focus on our strong points instead of doing an inclusive survey of our real competences.

In other words, we may not be as good as we think that we are.

In today’s fast paced world, being good at what we do is not good enough to rise in the corporate hierarchy. We are expected to be good; that’s what we get paid for. Being excellent will not do it either. Being excellent only means that we are filling our present place. It’s no reason to be promoted or to see an increase in our entrepreneurial revenues.

To be noticed, to be invited to fill a higher and more rewarding position, we must be outstanding. That is where the money is. That’s where the train that leads to the top starts. That’s where we get the wings that will allow us to soar above the crowd and reach the rarified air of the mountaintop of success.

Jim Rohn said it best, “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” It is by working every day to improve ourselves that we can acquire the competence to become outstanding and in doing so, become a magnet for opportunities and advancement.

The self-education that Jim Rohn talks about is not restricted to our area of expertise.

It also encompasses the entire gamut of the disciplines covered in the self-improvement world. It’s about life’s philosophy, character building, communication and relationships along with the multitude of subjects being covered in the self-help movement.

Self-education is about personal growth in all its facets. It’s about learning how to make finer distinctions and about taking wiser decisions. It’s about better self-control and about leadership abilities. In one word, it about becoming a better and more complete person. Smarter and wiser.

Greater success is the natural result of inner growth and self-actualization. Just as the tree depends on quality soil to reach maximal growth, success depends on the abundance of the intellect to bloom and flourish.

Make no mistake about it. There is plenty of room for advancement in the corporate world and plenty of room for growth in the entrepreneurial world. What is needed is not more room it is more qualified candidates.

There are plenty of opportunities out there just waiting for those who have the courage and wherewithal to spend some time every day on self-improvement. Victory belongs to those who have earned it – not to those waiting for some lucky star that won’t ever show up.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Owner Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums

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How to Find the Perfect Climbing Ladder

Most of the home improvement & maintenance works need climbing ladder that can provide access to greater heights. Who can understand this better than the Ladder Manufactures? They product & supply a wide array of climbing ladder types who can make the job of hanging wall paintings, changing of light bulbs & roof maintenance much easier. Many professional ladder manufacturers are operating in market to provide users with high quality & robust climbing ladders for an affordable price. These ladders are increasingly being used as the safest mean to reach greater heights for different purposes. A perfect climbing ladder is an all-purpose tool which can help us to manage with all of our house hold chores.

The first thing you will need to focus on is the material in which the ladder is made of before purchasing it.

Materials like aluminium, fiberglass or wood are widely used in ladder making & each of it has its own set of pros & cons.

Aluminium climbing ladder is the most common variety which is strong, durable, light in weight & works best for people who need to move around a lot with it. The corrosion resistant properties keep it at an edge over ladders made from fiberglass or wood.

The ladder manufacturers are searched upon by large number of users these days than they were before. There is a high demand for aluminium climbing ladders in specific. It is safe, secured & resistant to heat. It is coming in variable shapes & sizes with delicate finishes. However, climbing ladder in moderate size can be used effectively for multi-purpose starting from organizing things in high cabinets of kitchen, hanging or changing light bulb to clearing gutters etc.

The Aluminium Ladders are highly popular in commercial & domestic sector.

They are strong, reliable, weather resistant, compact & light in weight. In view of their high demand, they are priced more reasonably & are available in different designs. If you want a good quality climbing ladder that will work well for every purpose then aluminium climbing ladder is the right answer.

How well your Climbing Ladder will perform depends largely upon its material & the level of height it is used to reach at. Basically, shorter ladders cost less than taller ladder. When making a purchase, you need to ensure that the purchased ladder must be tall enough to cater your needs. Majority of people are seen spending money on buying different ladder types that will be used separately for changing purpose. You can consider buying only one of two ladders that will cover up most of the projects & help you save money considerably.

The ladder price turns out to be the major factor that might influence your decision. Since prices rise rapidly with an increment in the height level of the ladder, the taller ladder may cost you more. So you can keep a budget of $ 10 to $ 30 per foot ready for ladders in the two to ten-foot range whereas a payment of $ 40 to $ 60 per foot can be made for ladder above ten feet height.

We are known for Ladder Manufacturers, producing branded products such as Climbing Ladder, Industrial Ladder, Heavy Duty Ladder, Industrial Ladder, Telescopic Ladder and others.

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