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Mera Peak Climbing..

The only qualification we need to ascend Mera peak is we need to be physically fit and have an extrovert sense of adventure. The view from the summit is one of the finest in the Himalaya with five 8,000m peaks visible: Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu and Kanchenjunga.This expedition would be suitable for a climber visiting the Himalayas for the first time or keen hill walkers with some previous experience of using crampons and ice axe . Mera Peak is the most popular trekking destination and is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. This fairly challenging trek has been designed to cater to trekkers? adventure needs to explore Mera peak from length to breadth. 

Trek to Mera Peak starts from North West of Lukla crossing a high pass Zatra La. The standard route from the north involves high altitude glacier walking. Good weather and snow conditions are of great necessity for the safe and successful climbing. Mera peak trek provides the proper acclimatization to the high altitude. It has been a very popular destination to much adventure 
Climbing gears like Ice axe, Crampons, Harness, Tape Slings (2), Screw gate Karabiners, (2 lock, 2 unlock) Descanter/Abseil Device, Plastic Mountaineering Boots, Ascender and Helmet (optional) are considered to have for Mera Peak climbing.
Day by day Itinerary:
Day 01 – Arrival in Kathmandu 1350 m and transfer to Hotel.
Day 02 – Sightseeing of Kathmandu Valley.
Day 03 – Fly to Phaplu, trek to Nuntala 2350m.
Day 04 – Nuntala to Kharikhola.
Day 05 – Kharikhola to Pangkongma.
Day 06 – Rest at Pangkongma.
Day 07 – Pangkongma to Narjing Dingma.
Day 08 – Narjing Dingma to Chalem Kharka.
Day 09 – Chalem Kharka to Khula Kharka 4120 m
Day 10 – Khula Kharka to Khote 3480 m.
Day 11 – Khote to Tagnak.
Day 12 – Tagnak glacier acclimatization day.
Day 13 – Tagnak to Khare.
Day 14 – Ridge ascent from Hinku Nup Today.
Day 15 – Khare to Mera High Camp.
Day 16 – High Camp to Mera summit then to Khare.
Day 17 – Contingency day.
Day 18 – Khare or Tagnak – Khote.
Day 19 – Khote to Chetera.
Day 20 – Chetera to Lukla.
Day 21 – Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu.
Day 22 – Depart from Kathmandu or do other trip with us.

Deepak Mainali – Professional Tour Guide in Nepal.


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Climbing the Unemployment Ladder

If it were up to me, I’d leave climbing ladders up to firefighters, construction workers and repair personnel. Now, I’m not saying Corporate Ladders are good or bad as I might find myself on one again, hopefully sooner than later, but what I am suggesting is we evaluate them as to their efficacy given what has occurred over the last 5 years. It appears that these ladders have been weakened and/or snapped into many unidentifiable parts due to corruption and abuse.

You see, if rungs of these ladders have been removed or reconfigured, trying to move up could be virtually impossible and on your way down, for whatever reason, one could misstep and fall to the ground. Also, the higher the ladder, the less likely you’re able to see what people are doing below. Yes, that’s what managers and supervisors are for, but then again so many of these companies are over-grown; you’d need way too many supervisors, say every 15-20 rungs, just to keep sight of everything.

Alas, this is one of the negative issues staring down at us. Personally, I think many businesses have lost sight of their goal as a result of growth and development; they have lost track of the ball and have become greedy and complacent.

So, I ask, what practical purpose do Corporate Ladders have in today’s labor structure?

A ladder is simply a means of climbing up or down; if companies refer to “working in teams”, how do teams work on a ladder? How many people fit on one rung? Uh, one, last I tried. Teams work laterally, not vertically. It is here that another breakdown occurs. Do Companies say one thing, yet do another? Is this possibly a major reason of corporate failure today? Talking out of both sides of ones’ mouth is just as risky as trying to fit two people on one rung of a ladder.

Isn’t it easier to see across than up and down? A true team works side-by-side to attain the same goal.

If the industry is a healthy one, that goal becomes easier and more practical to reach. Perhaps Business Executives should take a lesson from the sports teams to which they constantly refer at the coffee machines in their offices; yeah, there’s always just a couple of players that score most of the points, but in the end these high-scoring athletes always thank the team as a whole for the win. As long as Corporate America practices unsportsmanlike conduct, we will not win or achieve our objectives. We’re constantly reminded as children, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Quite possibly if we played a better game and treated one another as the decent human beings we are, we could win more games, enjoy the win knowing we played fairly, and go back to really working together as a team, not up and down like some staircase that just gets stepped on or over.

Corporations really need to be pillars of horizontal growth, support and strength reaching and working together laterally, not like some rung of a ladder that, again, you use to step on just to get from point A to point B.

If you take a look at why ladders are used, it’s usually for emergency purposes; to fight fires or for other rescue or urgent repair efforts. If companies always operate on the principle of a ladder, then they appear to be always fighting some sort of fire or battling some sort of crisis.

Sound familiar? Could it be this is why millions of us are out of work? Is there some kind of corporate disconnect between them and us that is now rearing its ugly head no one has discovered until now?

Sniff, Sniff–hey, I smell a fire! Anyone got a ladder?

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Benefits Of Outdoor Climbing Frames

Outdoor climbing frames involve your children in outdoor activities that are very helpful in their physical and mental growth. They play with other children and develop friendships with them. They need to mix up, play, talk, and share their feelings with other kids. All this is the basis of their strong personalities when they grow up to become adults. Childhood is the time when they learn about several different things in life.

Technological advancements such as video games and other activities on the internet have captured the minds of children these days. In such a scenario, not a single outdoor activity seems interesting to them. They simply don’t want to play outdoors, or walk, jog, make friends, etc. With the invention of hi-tech gadgets, they are least interested in exploring the world outside. They just want the latest versions of online games or other video games. Lack of physical activity makes them lethargic and obese at very young age. Outdoor activities are as important as their studies for their development as a complete human being. This is where parents play an important role in changing their mind sets.

If you find your kid staring at the television or computer the whole day, you can look for interesting outdoor activities or toys to divert their attention. It is essential for your child to enjoy these activities as they are highly effective and efficient fitness equipments. You can select from a wide range of uniquely designed and themed climbing frames and gift it to your children. Encourage them to invite their friends or neighborhood kids so that they can mix up with them and develop lasting friendships.

Children’s outdoor toys are available in a wide variety that includes First Play Center, Spider Monkey Climbing Frame, Mighty Muriqui, Endeavour climbing frame, Kudu climbing frame, Bushbuck climbing frame, Warthog climbing frame, Wildebeast climbing frame, Siamang 2, Gibbon swing set, jungle gym cottage climbing frame, jungle gym barrack, jungle gym club and jungle gym farm climbing frames, junior trampoline, plum family trampoline, wooden playhouses, single swing, swing set, swing and slide set, jungle gym swing set, hanging chair, hammock chair, castle and tower climbing frames, and many more. You can choose any of them depending upon your needs, requirements, and budget.

When it comes to colors, designs, and sizes, there are a great number of choices. Depending upon your outdoor space, you can choose the best among them for your kid. Unlike indoor games, they do not restrict your child’s growth regardless of their size and theme. They will attract your kids to come out and play. Encourage them to invite their friends for an open garden picnic. You can also play pranks or organize a small tournament to actively involve them in outdoor games. Spend time with your kids and teach them to set their climbing frames on their own. Keep them busy in one or the other outdoor activity. Your love and attention towards your kids and outdoor climbing frames can help your child grow in a fit and mature adult.

If you are looking out for children’s outdoor toys, please visit www.outdoorplayworld.co.uk. This website has a wide variety of outdoor toys. You will also get good discounts from this website.

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Tenerife Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Tenerife has become more and more popular over the years, with many climbers realising that the climate in Tenerife offers perfect climbing conditions, all year round. So when England is drenched in rain the rocks in Tenerife are illuminated by sunshine.

There have been massive efforts to improve the climbing routes across Tenerife and many of the old bolts have been replaced, to make the routes safer. Now you can access the crags a lot easier.

The island is home to 900 spread over 20 individual crags. Here are some of the best climbing locations in Tenerife:

Canada del Capricho is the most spectacular, based in Teide national park. The route offers you the chance to climb spirals of volcanic rock often more than 300 feet; you will feel like you are high in the blue skies, making for adrenaline pumping views.

The Arico gorge, set in the mountains of Arico, is the largest climbing area on the island.

This route is not for beginners and offers up some of the hardest climbing on the island. The site is a dried up river bed, scattered with pine trees and huge boulders. The gorge was once excavated for mining, leaving behind 30 meter high overhangs.

There are plenty of adventure routes in the mountains of the north, the best are situated around Tanganana and Roque Ambro. For the most experienced climbers, the sea cliffs of Los Gigantes offer a challenge of a lifetime, standing 2000 feet above the sea.

If you are not up to hard core climbing then you could always try bouldering, leave your kit at home and conquer the big rocks on the Spanish island.

There aren’t that many hotels specifically dedicated to climbers, but for most of the climbing hot spots you can stay in one of the many resorts dotted around the area.

If you chose to come climbing in Tenerife then it might be a good idea to book a package holiday in the area. Price start form 273 pounds and as long as you plan well then you should be able to reach most of the climbing areas with ease.

So when planning your climbing holiday make sure you look for package holidays in Tenerife near the area you want to climb. For a good guide on climbing in Tenerife then have a look on RoxTar for a rock climbing guide.

Whenever you go on a climbing holiday make sure that you go with a partner, and let people know which areas you are going to climb. Keep a mobile phone on you and climb safe.

Justin Sweeney has been writing about travel for over ten years. His passions are surfing, sailing and exploring the globe.

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