Paracetamol Api Climb Up

1 April this year, China’s total export of paracetamol API The number reached 15,600 tons, 5 to 6 months has exported more than 10,000 tons, not only in the quantity and year-ago quarter, more gratifying than the average price of exports rose by 21% over the same period last year

For long-term slump in the export of paracetamol (the “flapping pain”) for the first half of this year is undoubtedly amazing turning point. Statistics show that 1 to April this year, China’s total exports flutter pain API The number reached 15,600 tons, 5 to 6 months has exported more than 10,000 tons, not only in number and year-ago quarter, more gratifying than the average price of exports rose by 21% over the same period last year. The first half of 3.41 U.S. dollars / kg average export price, finally has long been struggling in the export of cheap “quagmire” in the domestic enterprises have breathing space.

Long fall “bear market”

Flutter as long-term use will not cause gastric mucosal injury pain and other side effects, so the last few years, pain has been firmly occupied flutter resistance Cold Pharmaceutical drug market in the first place.

Both developed and developing countries, the pharmaceutical industry, all the pain will flutter as the preferred Antipyretic Anti-cold medicines or raw materials for drug use, and this is painful to flourish flapping secrets.

The past few years, the international market, sales have been kept flapping pain 100,000 tons per year scale. In 2007, worldwide sales totaled about 120,000 tons of raw materials, the United States a country that sold 4.5 million tons, the European sales of 3.2 million tons, Asia and Middle East sales of 28,000 tons total, total sales in other countries and regions, 10000 ~ 14000 tons.

Flutter as in previous years the pain of raw materials prices are low, some specialized manufacturer engaged in export of paracetamol can not withstand the price competition due to the brink of closing down or stop production. To 2006, leaving only 13 companies nationwide insist on production of flutter in pain API, the largest of the four manufacturers in Shandong Anqiuluan Pharmaceutical Company, Hebei Hengshui Hebei Heng Pharmaceutical Company, Rhodia (Wuxi) system Zhejiang recreational drug companies and pharmaceutical companies. The four companies were flapping pain raw materials 7,000 tons annual output, total output accounts for about flapping their pain API production and export volume of 80%. Huzhou, Zhejiang Kang all other pharmaceutical companies, Changshu, Jiangsu Province China and Hong Kong production companies such as pharmaceutical companies are also kiloton. The production of pharmaceutical companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other provinces and cities with chemical production, the 2006 National flutter pain APIs actual production has exceeded 60,000 tons, while actual export volume to 46,000 tons. Since 2004, China has actually become the largest exporting and producing countries flapping pain, pain in the export of raw materials flutter flutter about the pain of international raw materials market 38% to 40% share.

2007, China flutter hurt production capacity of 80,000 tons, the actual output of about 63,000 to 6.4 million tonnes, exports about 46,400 tons. But because the export price has been hovering in the low, making the overall price of raw materials flutter pain was trembling.

Nowhere to turn high-end market has settled China’s exports of raw materials

flutter pain medicine major markets: Asia, to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries, mainly; Europe, mainly Eastern European countries, Russia and CIS countries, some Western European countries such as Spain , Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and other countries. In 2007, China exported 46,400 tons of raw materials flutter pain medicine in Asia accounted for 45%, Africa accounted for 18%, Europe 23%, other countries and regions together accounted for the remaining 14% share. Export target countries has reached more than 90 countries, however, the pain of domestic flutter API access to markets of developed countries the number is relatively small. Furthermore, although both the West or the Third World countries will flutter pain as the primary drug use, but my pain API flapping hard to break into the U.S. market, rushed the pain the world’s largest market. Why?

Cause or pain should be investigated in our raw material flapping species lack a strong competitive edge. Because the United States has the world’s largest manufacturer of flapping pain?? Marindoct company.

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