Kiteboarding Gear Basics

Getting the right type of board is the usual challenge for kiteboarders. There are so many styles out there that make it so overwhelming to choose which board to buy. Kiteboarders should get the one that suits their style. It is helpful that you’re certain of the style and features that you want for your board. Who wants to invest their money on a board that does not fit their skills and abilities?

And since there are some kiteboarders that do not take kite surfing lessons, they are clueless on getting the right kind of gear and may end up buying the wrong gear that corresponds to their level.

It is hard to get the right resources about kiteboarding boards especially when you have no idea when to start. There are lots of marketing promotions that makes it even more confusing and difficult to choose. Sometimes, you can’t avoid seeing or watching ads about the newest or hottest product that’s available on the market.

You list them down and before you know it, you have so many things to buy.

So what do you have to do? Learn to know your riding style and figure out what’s best for you and what’s not. For some of those that take kite surfing lessons, their instructor can easily guide them to get the right equipment.

The first thing you should do is to buy a board. I suggest that you buy a Twin Tip board when you plan to get one kiteboard. Twin Tip boards are easy to control and perfect for beginners or even advance kiteboarders. Instructors or pros usually recommend this board for beginners. You can be able to control your board even on your first session.

Next, you also have to pay attention about the length of the kiteboard that you’re going to get.

The sizes of the kiteboards are mostly 140cm to 150cm long. Though there are some models that are longer. Longer boards that are more than 150cm are excellent for beginners and shorter boards that are less than 140cm are perfect for experienced riders. Advance riders need shorter boards to make it easier for them to execute their tricks. But longer boards are excellent for light winds and the shorter ones for stronger winds.

And last, the width is also an important factor of the board. It is easier for a kiteboard to glide when it is wide. Riders can achieve tricks and stunts when the width is wider and the length is shorter. And the best board to use if you want speed is the one that has a sharp rail. Kiteboarders with sharp rails allow riders to have a better control of the board.

When you buy your board make sure that you ask for tips and suggestions from your instructor. There are so many information and tips that you can get during kite surfing lessons. So always remember that it is important that you know what board that suits you. Know your riding style and skill. Choosing and buying your board can be a fun and unforgettable experience.

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