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We all like our own space and privacy, and when it comes to the back garden, or even the front garden for that matter, this is no exception. Who doesnt like to invite friends around for a barbeque in the summer? And what better way to end a work day than sitting and relaxing in the garden as the sun goes down? However it may not be as relaxing if your neighbours can see right into your back garden, and you want privacy. Neighbours pets can also be a nuisance at times or children may keep kicking footballs into your flower bed. This is when garden fencing comes into its own, and there are many designs and types to choose from. In just one weekend you can transform your garden. You can even get your friends to help you with the promise of a cold drink on the patio once the transformation is complete.

Fencing not only provides you with the privacy you need, it also provides security. Good quality fencing surrounding the property may even help towards reducing your home insurance. When considering transforming your outdoor living space, there is plenty to think about, from garden fencing, to trellis work and arches, along with edgings for the lawn, posts and gravel boards. You can soon turn your open garden into a beautiful intimate space, and what better excuse for a get together than to show off your new garden?

There are numerous designs to choose from, from the very basic straight topped panels, to the wavy and extremely detailed panels. The overlap fences are very popular when it comes to providing complete privacy and can be purchased in different heights which make them ideal for securing your property. Willow screening can look fantastic, more so when it is framed by timber. This might be suitable for a garden in the cottage theme as a backdrop to flower borders. If you only want something plain and simple slat fencing may be adequate, or if you prefer lattice panels can be used. Lattice panels can look great when ivy or clematis is grown up them.

When purchasing fencing for your garden bear in mind that you will also need to purchase accessories and posts. Accessories may include the supports for the posts, fixings for the fencing, panel locks if you are erecting panel fencing, and brackets.

When it comes to garden fencing for your borders, again the options and styles are many. Fencing comes in bamboo styling, dome top edging, sleepers, logs and wavy edging. These are a superb and typically inexpensive way to make your garden look stunning. To top off your fencing you may wish to consider lattice trellis work along the top, of course this is only applicable if you have purchased flat topped fencing. Capping rails also finish off fencing, or you may wish to consider arch top trellis. Wickes have the complete range of fencing panels and accessories, so why not order online and have them delivered right to your door.

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