Considering Photography Insurance

Insurance is a critical component to virtually any business and this is certainly true of a photography business. As well as protecting your photography equipment and printing equipment, which can prove extremely costly to replace, you also need to ensure that you are covered should something go wrong which means that the client will not receive the photographs that they have paid for or agreed to pay for. What’s more, you should be prepared for the fact that clients may make a claim against you if they suffer injury during the photographic process.

Insuring Your Camera And Equipment

Photography equipment is far from cheap and as well as the camera itself you will almost certainly have lighting equipment, tripods and stands, and a variety of zooms and other pieces of essential equipment. If an accident should occur and one or more of these become damaged or broken then without adequate insurance you will have to pay to replace the items yourself.

Errors And Loss

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is ready and able to seek litigation should a service provider not provide the service they are contracted to. In the case of photographers this could be caused by a loss, emission, or error with the photography or it could be caused by photographs being lost in the post. Protecting yourself against legal actions for these claims is imperative.


If you conduct your photography in an office, studio, or your own home and one of your clients injures themselves during the process then public liability insurance should cover this. Similarly, if you are photographing a wedding and a guest trips over your equipment or otherwise becomes injured as a result of you or your equipment then it is public liability insurance that should help protect you.

Photography Insurance

If you use professional models then you will need a policy which covers them too. If anything happens to a model while they are on shoot with you then you are effectively held responsible. Also, health insurance will provide protection if you are ill or injured and unable to complete an assignment. If you travel abroad on work then you may need a special insurance policy for this too. provides a range of photography insurance policies that are ideal for the needs of photographers of any level, experience, and type, at competitive prices and with highly beneficial coverage levels.

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