Bull Riding Gear 101

Interested in bull riding? Here are tips for finding the essential gear you’ll need to look good, be successful, and keep your body in one piece when bull riding.

Bull Riding Gear Essential No.1: Bull Rope

The bull rope is generally regarded as the most important piece of equipment a bull rider uses.

Bull ropes are created with a poly-braided design. This includes a handhold, made of reinforced leather lacing, which is placed in the center of rope. (This key feature keeps the rope from moving around too much during the ride.)

Ropes differ in their use of plaits. This is what basically determines how tight–and how many strands in a row–that a rope has.

They run from a five plait to a seven and a nine plait, with five being a soft, pliable plait and nine being very tight and hard.

Tip: Test drive a few plait styles to find the rope that fits you best.

Bull Riding Gear Essential No.2: Gloves

For bull riding having a good pair of gloves is vital; they should be leather and made of quality cowhide or buckskin.

What do you look for in gloves? Well a good rule to consider is that thin gloves give you more feel, but that thick gloves are more durable and will keep you more protected.

Tip: If you’re starting out in bull riding, stick with a thick glove until you get your game speed up.

Bull Riding Gear Essential No.3: Chaps and Vests

Though they may seem decorative, the last 2 pieces of gear to round your arsenal are more crucial than you may realize.

The vest helps to protect the rider from the bull in the event that the bull hooks him or steps on him; the vest would absorb most of the impact.

The main purpose of chaps is to help protect your clothes and the rider from sliding while sitting on the back of the bull.

Tip: Think chaps are for fashion? Think again.

Look at other riders’ review to find the best brands for your riding.

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