Berghaus Hiking Gears, A Class of Its Own

The great outdoors have now become more than a challenge to some intrepid explorers; some have already seen it as their way of life.  Whether it is hiking in the snow, or trekking through the Amazon, or bushwhacking in the desert, you need to have the proper equipment in order to fully enjoy the unique experience and to survive the harshness of the wilderness.

Being prepared is the key prior to taking on any adventure.  Just as a captain of a great big ship would rely on his navigator to plot out their naval course, any venture would be futile if planning is not involved.  What types of activities are you more inclined to do?  Preparation for a ski trip would be wholly different from a trip to the Sahara, much as a weekend camping in a national park would be different from a week-long journey through the Amazon.  Plan ahead which type of activity you will be pursuing and that will set the flavor for the whole trip.

If you are planning a trek through the desert, make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes that would keep you cool and combat the heat of the sun.

Also avoid wearing dark-colored clothing as this would absorb heat from the surroundings and increase your body temperature.  Bring a lot of sun block with a high sun protection factor or SPF to prevent heat rash and sun burns.  Do not skimp on water, as this will keep you hydrated, preventing disorders such as heat stroke.

A walk through the Amazon would need you to bring a lot of mosquito repellant. Lotions can be applied which can protect from bug bites for almost twelve hours. Mosquito netting would also be ideal to bring during this type of trips so you can have a restful night ahead.  Again, bring a generous amount of water with you.  The high humidity in the rain forest can dehydrate you much faster than being exposed directly to the sun.

If you plan to conquer the Himalayas, make sure that your arctic gear is well prepared.  Snow boots, pants, jackets, goggles and mittens are just some of the gears that you need to bring along.  It would be very unfortunate if you have already climbed up halfway to your destination only to find out that frostbite has conquered your fingers first.  Waterproof tents are a must in every arctic expedition.

It is very lucky that nowadays, we already have Berghaus hiking gears and apparel that can help us in conquering the most difficult mountains or the most treacherous ravines.  Founded in 1966 by Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, Berghaus is now one of the producers of top of the line mountain gear and outdoors equipment.  It has already been used and tested to be durable and safe by popular mountaineers and outdoorsmen alike.  Literally meaning “mountain centre”, Berghaus’ use of innovative materials and technologically advanced textile has helped bolster the name of Berghaus hiking gears as a leader in outdoor products.


Start your expedition using only the finest Berghaus sporting accessories worldwide. Vist Simply Hike for more information on sporting gears.

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